Home Office Christians

Supporting staff in the Home Office, UK Border Agency, Identity and Passport Service and other agencies.


Home Office Christians meet in many Home Office, UK Border Agency, Identity and Passport Service and other buildings including non-departmental bodies affiliated to the Home Office. The format of our meetings may differ slightly but is usually focussed on a time of sharing and prayer.


Our Vision

We seek to live, promote and work by the Christian principles of truth, love, justice and mercy within the Home Office and build a community where all people are supported and valued.

Our Objectives

• We support staff in the workplace
• We work to help staff understand Christian beliefs
• We develop good relationships with stakeholders to help build a fair and just society and reduce crime.

Our Aims


V to provide a voice for the views of Christians in the Home Office
A to increase awareness of Christian beliefs through innovative engagement and the excellence of our work
L to build relationships and lead community engagement in partnership with others
U to inform and influence policy to be understanding of Christian needs
E to educate and share Christian values in the Home Office
S to support Christian and other staff in the workplace


Our beliefs

Home Office Christians exists as a group of people who seek to love and serve Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.  We encourage all who seek to serve the Lord in their workplace to do so prayerfully and with God's grace in accordance with the work of the Holy Spirit and God's guidance in Scripture.

For more information about, or to join the Home Office Christians, please contact networks@christiansingovernment.org.uk. We cannot however advocate on behalf of complainants concerning individual cases such as those relating to crime or citizenship. These should be directed to the department as advertised on the Home Office, UKBA or other public website concerned.

Home Office website http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/contact-us.html


UKBA website http://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/contact/


IPS website http://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/contact/


Current Prayer Requests


For Home Office Ministers, Permanent Secretary and all staff.

For maintenance of freedom of speech and belief in the face of intolerance.
For safe, sound and secure borders.
For peace, prosperity and justice.
For victims of crime and for a reduction in crime.
For peace and goodwill and an end to terrorism.
For the police, border agency staff and other partners who face difficult challenges at this time.
For new Christian groups and Christians working in isolation.
For good relations with other staff networks and the diversity team.