HM Treasury Christian Fellowship

HM Treasury Christian Fellowship is a joint group with HMRC and Cabinet Office members who work in the GOGGS building (100 Parliament Street/1 Horse Guards Road). We meet each Thursday lunchtime in the Treasury building, 1 Horse Guard's Road. We have a varied programme including Bible studies, outreach events, prayer, speakers, socials. We advertise on the Treasury intranet site and also the GOGGS building intranet site under Clubs and Societies.


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Feedback from Recent Events

'Where is the God of Justice in some of the Darkest of Places?' - a talk by Baroness Cox, 13th April 2011

About 70 people from various government departments gathered in the Treasury building to hear Baroness Caroline Cox give a heart-rending talk about the injustices she has witnessed in places such as Sudan, Uganda and Burma. Such a lovely lady, Caroline insisted on mingling with the crowd, introducing herself and chatting to everyone at lunch beforehand. An avid human rights campaigner, she is founder of HART – The Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust. HART "supports the forgotten people of Europe, Africa and Asia: the oppressed and the persecuted, and often those who are neglected by other organisations, largely out of sight of the world's media. Its aid is designed to relieve suffering and sow the seeds of longer-term solutions; its advocacy is designed to raise awareness of problems – and solutions – at home and abroad." Caroline took us on a journey to these forgotten places and shared with us some of the stories of the people she had met. Most of it made for difficult listening, hearing the atrocities and persecution that Christians and others have experienced. It brought home to us that to be a Christian in some of these places is to risk everything and to consider this when thinking about how we live out the gospel in our relatively comfortable environment here in the west. She impressed upon us the importance of action with the not easily forgotten line – 'pity weeps and walks away, compassion comes to help and stay'. I thoroughly recommend checking out HART's website.