Department for Work and Pensions

There is a Christian Fellowship in the DWP building in Westminster, Caxton House. We have about 25 members and rising! We tend to meet fortnightly on a Thursday lunchtime for 45 minutes. Our meetings vary but we aim to focus on prayer, and in 2012 we have also done Bible studies about work and enjoyed a bring and share Advent lunch.


Several members of the Caxton Fellowship attend the Westminster@One Bible talks, which happen every Tuesday at 1.05 in the side chapel at Westminster Central Hall - about 1 minute from Caxton House.


If you are a Christian working for DWP somewhere other than Caxton House then please do contact the Caxton Fellowship as we would like to build a Christian Fellowship across DWP.


For further information on the Caxton House Christian Fellowship or if you are a Christian working in another part of DWP please contact