History of CIG

The Whitehall-wide network arose out of a vision to bring together the Christian fellowships in the central London departments and agencies, not in an organisational sense but into an informal network. This began in 1999, with an Easter Service held in the Cabinet Office. Colin Grant (Cabinet Office) and Julian Shellard (now working in Dept of Health) were the initial founders.


Since 2005, our objective has been to transform ourselves into a national movement for Christians working for central Government in all parts of the UK, to be called Christians in Government UK (CIG UK), and continuing the work of the Civil Service Christian Union whose vision we see ourselves as following. In March 2006 our name officially changed to CIG UK.


Our Constitution was officially approved by the Christian fellowships in April 2007 and our membership continues to grow, with departments and agencies networked with us in several cities across the UK. We have also teamed up with Transform Work UK, a new umbrella group for Christian workplace networks across the country with now over 80 workplace and professional groups.


As of April 2008, our membership was in excess of 1,600.