About Christians in Government UK

Christians in Government UK is a non-denominational faith network for Christians in government service in the UK


Our aim is to support Christians in UK national government to serve Ministers and the public. We seek to bring the blessing of God to the heart of the government.


1 Corinthians 13.6 'Love rejoices in the truth'

More about us

We are a network of Christians of all denominations working in the civil and government service with representatives and Christian networks in all major  departments and many national government organisations across the UK. Our  vision is to see Christians in Government throughout the UK working together to realise their calling to know Jesus Christ, to connect faith with their working  lives and make Him known in their workplaces and through their work, and to see God's kingdom come and will be done in the UK and  throughout the world.


Our main emphasis is to support Christian networks in national government offices, most of whom organise programmes and events of their own. We also run central events in London including large services at Christmas and Easter, a lunchtime prayer meeting in Methodist Central Hall Westminster on the first Friday of each month, the Alpha Course, an annual week of prayer, occasional guest speaker events and other events promoting awareness of Christianity, a summer garden party (most years), "The Whitehall Carol Service", which we have been organising since 1999, now gathers over 2000 people, and has become possibly the largest annual event for the civil service, with keen support by Sir Bob Kerslake (the Head of the Civil Service) and Ministers. These central events are mainly advertised through networks in the national government offices. We also have links with Christians in Parliament, with whom we put on the annual week of prayer.

Objectives, Basis of Faith and Values

Our objectives are:

  • to support, resource, connect and represent the interests of Christians in
  • to promote the establishment and effective operation and co-operation of
    Christian fellowships in National Government organisations
  • to promote an awareness within Government of
    (a) the contribution which Christians in Government can make and
    (b) issues which help or hinder Christians in Government
  • to promote an understanding within Government of Christianity and its historical and contemporary relevance


Our basis of faith is:

  • belief in the Holy Trinity of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit;
  • personal trust in the efficacy of the atoning work of the Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour;
  • belief in the Bible as the inspired Word of God.


Our values are:

  • our activities will be carried out in accordance with the teachings of the bible
  • in our activities we will seek to:
    • comply with the standards of behaviour and values (integrity, honesty, objectivity and political impartiality) set out in the Civil Service Code launched on 6th June 2006 (and equivalent codes for other parts of government)
    • treat all with dignity and respect; within the framework of seeking to respect others, we are committed to the principle of freedom of belief and expression. 


All are welcome to CIG events and activities whether Christian,of another faith or of no faith.



CIG is led by a Steering Group which meets approximately monthly and communicates regularly between formal meetings.


The Steering Group is Co-Chaired by Aidan Mews (Ministry of Justice) and Liz Patterson (Department of International Development)."


The Steering Group is assisted by an Advisory Board consisting of individuals
in related ministries.  


Finally, there are a number of 'Friends' who provide assistance and support on an ad hoc basis. 

Our Constitution

Our Constitution is available for download below:

CIG Constitution Approved Version.doc
Microsoft Word document [62.5 KB]

Review of the Year 2012-13

Below is the Chair's Report on CIG UK activities during 2012 and 2013 (so far). The report was presented at the AGM held on Thursday 23rd May.

CIGUK Annual Report 12-13.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [908.6 KB]