Easter Service 2010

An account from Lorna, of the Home Office, who bought 200 hot cross buns to distribute at the end of the service

We were all touched when one of our members offered to buy hundreds of hot cross buns to share at our recent Easter Service. The Lord clearly blessed her for stepping out in faith and giving so generously. She writes:


As part of the preparations for the Easter Service, I decided to buy and butter 200 hot cross buns to give out as people left. I ordered them from Sainsbury's in Victoria Street and on the morning of the service, I went to collect them.

I walked into Sainsbury's and asked a young man where the hot cross bun shelves were. ‘I need 200', I said. At this another young man sprang forward. ‘I'm in charge of those he said', and led me out to the back where I was dismayed to see two whole baker's trays of hot cross buns. We went to the checkout, with the first young man tagging along. ‘Why do you need this many?' they asked. I explained about the service and they looked wistful. ‘Why don't you come as well?' I asked, but they couldn't get off duty. We talked about Easter, why it was important and I said I hoped they'd find a lovely service near them and wished them Happy Easter.

I just about made it to the bus stop just south of Strutton Ground. 200 hot cross buns are a lot of bun! There I was met by two Spaniards. They rushed forward, took some of the bags from me and we repeated the exchange about what they were for. We got on the bus and they lifted the bags of hot cross buns onto the shelf on the 507 bus, plonking them down on top of a pink umbrella. We wished each other Happy Easter and they went to the back of the bus and sat down.

A lady behind me said very gently, ‘I'm awfully sorry but that's my umbrella underneath your buns.' It was Shirley Williams (now in the House of Lords). We repeated the exchange about Easter and what the buns were for. I told her about Christians in Government and invited her to come too. She couldn't unfortunately but said she was very happy that things like this still happened in the Civil Service. I said it was increasingly difficult because of work pressures.

After the service, there were ready takers for the buns, especially the members of the Life Guards band!

And you will never guess what happened on Maundy Thursday. I'd arranged to meet a very old friend from Dorset for lunch and then go to the 5 pm service in Westminster Abbey (which we did).

As we walked through from John Islip St to the river (heading for the Pizza place on the corner), I noticed that the City Inn Café had outside tables groaning with gorgeous Master Chef-type food, surrounded by cameras, lights and a film director. So I said, ‘Oh, you're planning a publicity shoot aren't you?' The director said, ‘Yes we are. Does it look good? ‘Fantastic', I replied. Do you need anyone to sit at the tables and eat the food?' ‘As a matter of fact', he said, ‘we do. Would you both like to have a free meal on us?' So we sat at a table and had a fantastic lunch, while our glasses kept on being refilled with excellent wine/

God was still giving back to me for exercising my tiny scrap of faith.

‘He spreads a table in our sight.....'


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The 2010 Easter service was held on Tuesday 30th March at the Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street. The theme this year was 'The Wonder of the Cross'. The service focussed on the love of Jesus shown in his death for us, and on the enduring hope he offers us all through his resurrection. The Easter story was told, as if through the eyes of those who were there, from the last supper to the resurrection appearances of Jesus, and was accompanied by a visual presentation. The perspectives were interspersed with a number of songs - both modern versions of traditional hymns and some more recent music. There was a brief message followed by the opportunity to share in an informal communion with bread and wine. The music was provided by members of the Band of the Life Guards and singing was led by a choir. A retiring collection raised £744.84 and will be used in support of the Haiti earthquake appeal (through Compassion UK), specifically to help to rebuild a Wesleyan hospital on the impoverished Haitian island of La Gonave destroyed during the earthquake, and to cover costs of the service.