Christmas Challenge 2011

In response to our call to donate Christmas presents and other goods for distribution to needy families in the London area, we collected about 20 large sacks of gifts including children's toys, clothes, food, coats, scarves, toiletries etc for Regenerate UK, In Deep and the Marylebone Homeless Project. This helped to make Christmas a little more enjoyable for those in need. Collections were gratefully received from DWP, MoJ/ NOMS, HMRC and the Home Office.


Regerate UK distributed the goods to six families with whom they have had contact for City Lights this year, on the Patmore Estate (Vauxhall) and the Doddington (Battersea - an estate on which CIG has previously helped with gardening). All the families bar one were single parent households. One woman had five children under five, another four under five - so the children's gifts have found good homes!


The photos below show some of the gifts being gathered and delivered.