Government & Bible Speaker Series


Wednesday 7 OCTOBER 2009
1.10PM - 1.45PM (prompt)
Venue: St Margaret's Church Westminster Abbey
(opposite Houses of Parliament, Parliament Square)


Guest Speaker: Mr Paul Woolley


Alastair Campbell once famously said, of the UK Government at the time, "We do not do God". Perhaps misrepresented, Tony Blair has now left No.10 but has this idea firmly taken root in the soil of public life in Britain today and are we the better for it? At the same time some prominent opinion-formers are very much doing "non-God" in the public arena, raising the question: should there be God-free zones in certain areas of public life? Or does the public, at least half of whom still "do God" privately, deserve leadership which credits them with some intelligence? And does multi-cultural Britain make it safer to be God-free rather than risk offence through doing the wrong God? How should these issues impact at all on the policies and delivery of government business?

Paul Woolley, founder and director of Theos, speaks and writes on a number of faith issues affecting Britain today and will challenge us to stretch our thinking on these important questions.