Joining Us

If you work in government there are many ways to get involved in and support CIG UK:


  • Joining us as a member - serving government staff are welcome to register directly to receive invitations to events, notifications and our newsletter by emailing the address on the contact page.  We can also put you in touch with a Christian network in your own department if we know of one.


  • Praying for us - we rely on your prayers and we would love Christians to join our network as friends to receive regular prayer bulletins.  Members may also like to join our regular monthly prayer meeting in Central Hall.  See our Prayer Page for more details.



If you would like to give towards the work of Christians in Government UK, please click the Donations link on the left.


We would like to say a big thank you to those of you who give regularly to the work of CIG UK via standing order. This is much appreciated and without the support of friends we would not be able to continue. We are in the process of changing our bank account (to a more user friendly model). If you are a regular giver please can you cancel you current standing order and transfer it to:


Sort Code: 40 02 08 Account Number: 21496379


We do still have access to the old account so are receiving your donations - but we would like to close it down soon! The standing order form can be found here. We are also always grateful to any new givers who would like to support our aim of "supporting Christians working in UK national government to serve Ministers and the public. We seek to bring the blessing of God to the heart of government".


The activities we currently undertake cost in the region of £7,000 per year, but we would like to expand our work, creating more outreach opportunities and supporting networks through joint events. While we are working to put in place some more formal financial support, our work very much relies on donations from friends.


If you feel you could support CIG UK we would like to encourage you to make a regular donation by standing order (even very small amounts over a regular basis soon add up). A standing order form can be downloaded from the link above.


Contact Us

If you would like any further information on our activties - perhaps you would like to become involved - then please use the contact form by clicking the link to the left. We can put you in touch with the leader of the Christian network or fellowship group in your department or nearest to you.